Everything We Touch Turns Digital

15 minutes too long, possibly.

My initial concept for this short documentary was to further discover anything analog (synths, vinyl, photography and videography). I soon realized such a scope was much too broad for the 10 minutes my professor had recommended my film be.

I graduate this Saturday with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. I am also receiving a minor in information technology, and it is for this minor that I created the documentary. I proposed an independent study for myself, of which I completed with my professor and now friend, Chip Gubera. I was set to make a short documentary over the course of one semester; come up with the concept, light, shoot, edit, etc. while Chip set deadlines and provided feedback.

Though I recently began collecting vinyl, I as well adore film photography and settled on photography as the sole subject of my documentary.

My thesis: Whether or not film is dying, what are the possible consequences of the death of film photography? What is lost with a switch from analog to digital photography?

I interviewed the head of photography at the University of Missouri, Joe Johnson, who I could not have pieced together this film without. I as well interviewed Alex Hawley, an engineer from Kansas who has a passion for large format photography. I even interviewed an Italian photographer, Alberto Petró, who was kind enough to let me come to his studio back in December of 2011. Unfortunately, for a couple of reasons, Alberto’s interview did not make it into the final cut. His work is absolutely amazing, and I may put his interviews into the doc later on.

I shot the film on my Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera. The title was inspired by my good friend, and artist, Ben Chlapek (aka Never Sleeping). Ben as well created a song for the project that’s found a couple of times in the film.

I got some help from more photographer friends, Elaine Bezold and Sidney Stretz, who let me  film them in the campus darkroom at all hours of the night. Alessandro Saccoia helped me with sound and music for the film. He was as well my key grip, helping me carry equipment and simply providing lots of moral support.

As far as my final product goes, there are still some things I’m not completely satisfied with. Since it is my first serious project, and I’ve as well just graduated, I will say I am incredibly proud of myself for sticking it out and completing this thing. Technical flaws aside, I would like to revisit the doc in some time and possibly add more content.

I really love film photography, and I can’t decide if my doc really portrays that.

No copyrighted material was used in the film. Please excuse the horrible quality of You Tube, but Vimeo doesn’t allow greater than 500mb uploads unless you’re a subscriber.


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  1. Rosemary Wood

    Amazing. Bravo.

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