Les Américains

Robert Frank‘s book, Les Américains, is a collection of photos taken all over America during the middle of the 20th century. Frank, a Swiss man, road tripped through the states and snapped photos that beautifully capture an era as well as the ambiance of the American lifestyle. Frank’s book failed to cause a large stir upon its initial publication in France, but today the book is a collectors item that I must admit I wish I could afford.

A Photo From Robert Frank's Book Les Américains

Robert Frank, as well as his book, was introduced to me through the BBC series titled ‘The Genius of Photography.” Of the six part series, I consumed four intriguing episodes as they were projected onto the slanted wall of my boyfriend’s Paris apartment. We gave up a night out to partake in the visual orgasm that was the history of photography. I hadn’t felt so inspired or intrigued since I don’t know when. The photographers’ styles ranged from abstract to documentary, but all featured artists kept me in awe. The series relit the flame that is my love for photography.

Gary Winogard

Photo by Garry Winogard, another photographer featured in the BBC series.

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